What is Pulseball?Pulseball Vibrating massager

After a series of exercises, it is important to stretch the muscles for muscle relaxation and enhanced blood supply to the tissues around them. A Pulseball is effective during a warm-up session because it softens muscle tissues, allowing them to cool down following an intense workout. It can also be used to massage several other parts of the body. It applies a unique combination of device vibration and pressure to help loosen the muscles. It also gets rid of lactic acid and increases blood supply.

Features of the Pulseball

It is highly portable. This piece of equipment can be used in virtually any environment that allows an individual to exercise, including in the gym, rehabilitation clinic, and at home.

– Ultra-portable and lightweight, users can carry it wherever they want
– Long lasting rechargeable battery to take you through a 3-hour exercise.
– 4 Speed vibration settings
– 1 kg weight to reduce bulkiness
– Comes in a range of colours (black, grey, pink, purple, and red)

In addition, the product comes with a 1 year warranty and money back guarantee (30 days).

Benefits of Using the Pulseball

This super-versatile equipment has numerous benefits. It is best suited for exercise enthusiasts who would like to relax their muscles after a tough session of strenuous exercises. It can be equated to a relaxing sports massage to help enhance blood flow to muscle tissues. Exercise lovers have used it to improve their flexibility and minimise chances of injury. It also provides core muscle strength and incredible balance. Using the equipment for a continuous period of time could result in enhanced flexibility or increased range of motion. Therefore, for increased blood circulation, a sportsperson should get this exercise equipment.Pulseball for calves

How to Use the Pulseball

Sore muscle areas can greatly benefit from this sports equipment. Hold it on areas that you feel most pain and continue rolling for about 10 – 30 seconds. Repeat several times daily to reap the most benefits from your exercise sessions. Level 4 vibration is intense and produces the best results and long term benefits.

For hamstrings, begin from a sitting position with the glutes suspended off the ground and place it underneath the muscles with the leg stretched out. The other leg can be bent behind the glutes for body weight support before you start rolling the equipment into the area around the hamstring. Similarly, you can use it while seated.

Sit with one leg stretched out and the other one bent and placed on top of the stretched leg, crossed just above the knee.

Place the equipment under the hamstring. Using your hands as support, lift and suspend your hips and roll the straight knee. Repeat severally with the other leg. The same can also be done for lower back, calves, shoulders, glutes, feet, quadriceps, and just about any part of the body prone to pain.

Therefore, whether you just want to stretch your muscles after a high intensity workout, or intend to relieve some pain that is causing you discomfort around your hamstrings, this equipment can be a great exercise and training partner.

From releasing tension to flushing away lactic acid and enhancing blood flow, there is no limit to what a Pulseball can do to make you gain more from your exercise regime.

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