What Are Wearable Fitness Trackers?

Losing those extra pounds can be a long and painful process. While technology and sliming pills have given people more hope, you still have to work hard at the gym to achieve impressive results. However, getting a little bit of motivation and inspiration can make the whole process a bit less painful. Having wearable fitness trackers can make all the difference. Strapping one of these gadgets to your wrist could inspire you to do more and achieve much in a short time span. In addition, you will have much information about the status of your health and fitness.

Below are some of the most common wearable fitness trackers any exercise enthusiast should have.


With all the essential features one would expect, Fitbit smartwatches provide real value for money. They come fitted with GPS for running. If you are a swimmer, you will also get to enjoy these watches’ waterproof feature while monitoring your heart rate 24/7. The battery life is about 1-4 days and they will provide comprehensive feedback about the quality of your sleep.

Fitbit wearable fitness tracker

You will also find Fitbit smartwatches very useful if you love listening to music because the gadgets can hold songs while allowing wireless connection to earbuds via Bluetooth. Apparently, this feature eliminates the need to bring your MP3 player or smartphone to the gym or to your morning run.


Fitbit fitness tracker


Apple Health

Wearable fitness trackers from Apple (Apple Watches) are truly game-changing; they allow users to connect over 4G networks and enjoy the features that typical connectivity could offer. Whether you forgot your iPhone at home or left it there deliberately, you will still be able to make calls, stream your favourite music, and receive text messages. Apple watch with fitness tracker

These watches also provide access to a map that can tell your location. If you are a jogger or marathon enthusiast, you can go running while listening to your music playlist via wireless headphones. You could also track your workout even if you don’t have your iPhone strapped you your upper arm.

Apple health


Android Wear

Despite being renamed to Wear OS, Google’s Android Wear still performs the same powerful functions it was designed to do. The ever-expanding range of these wearable fitness trackers allow you to do many things, including downloading apps, accessing Google Assistant, as well as receiving notifications. They also have fitness tracking ability to make your workouts complete.

Huwawei 4 G watch with fitness track and Android OS

The battery life should last you about 1 or 2 days to enable you track all of your fitness goals. With GPS and heart rate monitoring capabilities, you should be able to get the most out of your runs.


Android wear for health  

If you are enthusiastic about exercising and tracking your health data, you should get yourself wearable fitness trackers from some of these manufacturers.


Once you wear them on your wrist you can be able to get comprehensive feedback regarding your workout routine. Not only will you be able to track your location and movement, you will also have access to important data about your heart rate. More interestingly, you can even use them without carrying your phone to the gym because they will still maintain connectivity over the Internet.