What is a Pulseroll?

It is recommended that you follow a training regime that will ensure you stay healthy and strong. However, performing various exercises can lead to muscle soreness, muscle tension and even injury.

So, what is a Pulseroll?Pulseroll red

A Pulseroll is effective during a warm up session and can be used to relax the muscle tissue and facilitate the process of cooling down following a challenging workout session. The equipment is also an effective massage partner and can help relieve muscle tension in various muscles of the body. By combining pressure and vibration in a unique manner, it helps to loosen the muscles and increase range of motion.

Users of Pulseroll could benefit in several other ways besides muscle tissue softening and massage. Below are some of those benefits.

1. Increased blood flow. Using this equipment has been known to increase blood flow and oxygen to the brain and other parts of the body, helping you to function better. If you want to improve your blood circulation, then use this vibrating foam roller.

2. Flush away lactic acid. High intensity exercises such as weightlifting and bodybuilding require more energy than the body can supply oxygen though aerobic respiration. This causes the body’s muscles to anaerobically generate energy to power movement, leading to accumulation of lactic acid and ultimately muscle soreness. As you exercise, more lactic acid accumulate in your muscles, causing you to feel extremely sore, tired and weak. However, this exercise partner helps to remove some of that lactic acid to make you keep exercising for longer.

3. Massage. Using Pulseroll can be equated to having a sports massage. Every exercise enthusiast cannot overlook the benefits of a sports massage; it relaxes muscles and reduces muscle soreness. This results in better performance in sports activities and competitions.

4. Improved flexibility and balance. It is always recommended to stretch during exercise sessions to increase flexibility and reduce muscle stiffness. With this equipment, you could increase your flexibility as well as range of motion. In addition, you will exercise enhanced balance.

5. Improved core muscle strength. One of the main reasons people exercise is to boost muscle strength. With this training device you will be able to boost your core muscle strength.Pulseroll glute exercise

Pulseroll Features

– Portable and lightweight for use in virtually any environment
– 3-hour rechargeable battery to last you through the entire training session
– 4-vibration speed settings to control speed and vibration for better outcome
– Money back guarantee to allow refund within 30 days
– 1 year warranty

For maximum benefits, use it on muscle areas that feel sore after strenuous exercise.

Trigger points with the most pain are the best areas to hold this equipment for 10-30 seconds. You can then keep rolling before shifting to other parts of the body. Some of the muscles to use it on include hamstrings, lower back muscles, shoulders, calves, quadriceps, feet and glutes.

Therefore, if you love exercising and would like to reap maximum benefits from your exercise regime, you need to get yourself a Pulseroll. You will experience increased blood flow, core strength and flexibility among other things.

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