Introducing the Pulseroll Plus.pulseroll plus

Exercising leads to increased strength and better health. In fact, health practitioners recommend 30 minutes of aerobic exercises daily to increase heart rate and heart health. However, the act of exercising can produce a few undesirable results such as soreness and muscle tension.

What is Pulseroll Plus?

A Pulseroll plus is a unique foam roller that uses vibration and pressure to massage various body parts and muscles to provide relief to sore muscles. There are many benefits attributed to exercising and using this equipment, including increased blood flow through arteries to muscle tissue. During vigorous exercise that overworks the muscle, lactic acid builds up to cause soreness.

However, with the help of a Pulseroll plus you can be able to flush away all of the lactic acid that is causing the soreness and slowing down your exercise progress. In fact, many sportsmen and women have reported improved performance when using the equipment to support their exercise program.

Pulseroll Plus Benefits

Enhanced range of motion. Tightening of the fascia can result from exercise and injury. Sometimes lifestyle lead to tightening of fascia, potentially causing trigger point “knots”. This restricts your mobility while training and can significantly impair performance.

To maintain high performance as an athlete, you can use Pulseroll plus to speed up the process of breaking up these knots, helping the muscle to resume normal functioning. This piece of equipment has helped several athletes to massage their muscle tissue and return to normal functioning, significantly enhancing range of motion and promoting exercise regime.

Muscle relaxation.Pulseroll-plus for quads

Pulseroll plus has been very effective in helping to relax muscles. By using this piece of equipment to apply direct pressure to the muscle, you can relax and soothe your muscle. A rolling motion to the affected muscle area releases tension and creates an effect similar to that obtained from a relaxing massage session at the therapist’s office.

Speeds up recovery.

During workout, such as weightlifting and bodybuilding, the muscle tissue is broken down to allow it to grow bigger and stronger. This can cause intense muscle soreness that can last for several days. However, with a Pulseroll plus you can boost blood circulation to the muscle and connective tissue. This supplies more oxygen and protein to the muscles, helping the body to recover much faster. Soreness will also disappear in a few days.

Boosts immune system.

The fascial plane provides a pathway for lymph to run along. The work of the lymphatic system is to clean up or detoxify the body and maintain a healthy system. By rolling the piece of equipment on fascia you will be allowing detoxification to take place, leading to a better immune system.

Is It Painful?

While using a Pulseroll plus can cause some little discomfort and even painful because of the vibrations, continuing to roll through the muscle eventually causes you to start feeling some relief. However, you have to endure through the discomfort and a little pain in order to feel better later. Indeed, the essence of using the versatile exercise equipment is to feel better after developing muscle soreness and enhance blood flow to the muscle and the rest of the body.

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