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Kardy Laguda Leaving People Touched Moved & Inspired Through A Unique Form of Fitness For All

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  • PO Box 5978 • Laindon • Basildon
  • Essex • SS14 0WD
  • Essex, UK

Contact No.

MOBILE – – 07860 468222

Birthday: August 10th


  • National/International Fitness Presenter/Choreographer
  • Headliner for Fitness Fiesta Events
  • Music Producer
  • Author

Creative Consultant for Rosemary Conley Diet & Fitness Clubs

Download Kardys’s Biography Here

Where the Words “Easy”, “Fun” & “Fitness” Connect

Well. . ! What can I say except seeing is believing and if you haven’t seen you’ll never be able to believe. . . Believe what? you may ask. . . If I said fitness you would probably say ”oh no not exercise!” but if I said song, dance & humour, in fact, pure entertainment, you may change your mind and go and see for yourself. . . cause after all – seeing is believing.

Entertainment is Kardy’s middle name and the fact that he does it in a unique form of fitness that he has developed can only be described as unbelievable.

You don’t have to be a fitness fanatic to enjoy Kardy’s fitness as the movements are easy and rewarding and if you still say “Me – exercise!” his fitness is as enjoyable to watch as it is to take part. He unleashes a gargantuan amount of energy while performing in specially designed outrageous outfits – ‘The Pied Piper of Fitness’ as he may well be called is well on his way to fulfilling his ambition of making people happy and to contributing to the changing face of fitness.

So next time somebody says “I can’t believe it!” remember . . . seeing is believing.

His background is one which extends from street style music & dance, initially specialising in Jazz, Robotic and other forms of street dance and, using this talent, he teamed up with three other individuals and under the name of Elite 4 became Essex Champions.

After some time, his music career began to blossom and he went on tour with a co-written piece of music which broke into the tail end of the national charts. This led to him being featured dancing regularly on Channel 4’s “Solid Soul” – an immensely popular dance magazine programme and also pop video appearances.

He was part time in fitness at this time and also studying Wu Shu Kwan Kung Fu.

He first made a pilot exercise programme for T.V. called “Bodyworks”. The concept was initially aimed at a wide audience to show them that exercise is fun and not hard work!

His reputation in the fitness industry grew and he became the competition coach for the British National Aerobic Championships (BNAC).

Everywhere he goes he seems to make history as he did when he co-hosted the first ever Schools National Aerobics Championship and then, along with two colleagues, he was responsible for the largest Nightclub Workout in the UK, held at Equinox, Empire Leicester Square.

He has toured numerous countries, such as Italy, Brazil, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, France, Ireland and Holland performing his unique style of aerobic class, and sharing, with receptive audiences, “the Magic” for which he is known.

He choreographed and starred in the Liberty X Toned video filmed in Marbella on a beach at night.


To bring happiness to people of all ages and to

Contribute to the changing face of fitness.


American Fitness Aerobic Association (A.F.A.A.)


Exercise to Music Certification

Committee Member of the

Aerobic Organisation of Great Britain (A.O.G.B.)

A.O.G.B. – Advanced Step Certification & Consultant

AerobicSport Judge

Aerobic Kick Box – Streetdance

Kardy is also an Author

Teach Your Children Manners With A Great Story – Get Help from International Presenter who is the Author of A New Book, “Daisy and the Unicorn” (The Search for the Magic Word)

As Mums & Dads struggle for ways to teach their children simple manners in this current busy lifestyle, a new book by an International Fitness and Dance presenter may give them an unexpected edge.

Author Kardy Laguda of Benfleet in Essex advises, “If the children in your life are forgetting to say please and thank you then a new approach may be the answer.” Kardy has used his subtle approach many times to enthrall kids from as young as 4 with his magical story Daisy and the Unicorn.

Kardy found that from an early age his daughter was forgetting to say the simple words that make children rounded individuals and the politeness associated with these courtesies a pleasure.

Kardy Laguda’s interest in helping children reach the goal of having common courtesy as a standard, will be evident as the story of Daisy on her magical journey makes the learning of the word please fun and exciting, leaving them wanting to say it all the time.

This is a design approach fuelled with excitement and the pictures are presented by award winning illustrator Diana Lynn Bell.

Daisy and The Unicorn, The Search for the Magic Word can be ordered through Amazon

Kardy was choreographer for string quartet girl band “Bond” for their tour in Japan.

Download Kardys’s Biography Here