Confusion- With Food . .. Ummmm !

This is a short and to the point post that just makes sense . . .

. . .It always amazes me that there seems to be a major disconnection from what you eat  – –

– – —  linked to what you do– – – –

– – –  who you are and how you feel and believe me, nothing is more important than how you feel.confusion

We find it very difficult to dodge the advertising that consistently tells us what we should eat and there seems to be so much confusion let’s look at some of this, what I can only call chaos.

It may start off like, we need sugar for energy

  • Then the media say don’t eat sugar
  • Well, fruit sugar is alright- isn’t it?
  • How about the no added sugar?
  • Or low sugar, sugar free, sugar substitute or sweetener.
  • Diet food is OK – isn’t it?
  • Well, its low fat or is it?
  • But isn’t fat good for you now?
  • Well there’s good fat and bad fat
  • Then there’s fat free. . .
  • How about omega 3 or 6 or 9?chaos
  • Or even fish oil
  • Is fish oil alright though?
  • But do I have to eat fish?
  • How about supplements?
  • Which ones do I take?
  • What about juicing?
  • Does it work?
  • What about smoothies?
  • Is frozen food good?
  • Can I drink tea or coffee? . . .arrrrgggghhhhhh!!!

And the list can go on forever.

It was once said by Dr. Rachid Buttar that there is a very simple formula to eating in this day here it is

Natural = Normal

Man Made = Madness

In a nutshell if anything edible came as someting that is picked, squeezed, grown or even dug up then its natural.


But if it’s made in an unnatural way and multiple chemicals added then this could be leading down a path that may be unfavourable for any individual over time.

You make the choice. Nutrition and mindset just makes sense.