Many People Always Ask The Question  . . .

. . . what I should avoid if I want to get things done?

Here are a few things you should avoid.

1.    Negativity
Negativity is a state of being that indicates your distance from the real positive you.

We have all been there and felt it. The question is have you understood what it really is?

Some say that our emotions are indicators, like satellite navigation, which help us to get to our ultimate destination.

So the question is when you feel negativity do you focus on the negativity event or do you use it to get to where you are meant to be?

The truth is most people focus on the negativity event  and do not take their onboard natural emotional indicator as a guide.

The solution is:
Next time you find yourself experiencing negative emotion. Turn it around by seeing it for what it truly is.

E.g. you may be late getting to an appointment only to find out that an accident on the street makes you fail to meet the agreed time. You then call to say you cannot make it only to find to your surprise it was tomorrow and you did not know this due to a message you did not receive.

You could have focused on the fact you are late and wound yourself up to the point of frustration or you could be rejoicing at the outcome.turn negative to positive

The choice ultimately is yours.

2.    People Who Make You Feel Off!
Have you ever been in a situation where the person you are talking to just makes you want to remove yourself from their presence?

In my experience there are 2 types of people:-

•    Those that give your energy
•    Those that take it way.

The question here is do you hang on to the lead weight and sink to the ground, feeling heavy or do you go with the helium balloon and fly to the place of dreams.

The solution: is to make your excuses and remove yourself from the energy that does not serve you at this time.

Cool Excuses to remove you from this energy are:-

•    Look at your watch and say ‘I’m in a hurry today!’Dont second guess
•    Say you ‘can’t talk now we’ll catch up another time’.

You do not need to be rude in fact you will feel how to do this with integrity and it will be a natural part of you.

3.    Second Guessing a Decision
Let’s face it we have all been there. The point in which we know we should be taking action with something and we have done the opposite and our life then had the potential to come crashing down around us.

You must always trust your gut regardless of the impact you may feel it could have to the people involved.

It does not mean its negative, in fact the truth is you will create a feeling of being better thus recruiting more positivity and then the final outcome will always and in your favour.