There are things I do in my life to make there be enough time in the day

Are you familiar with the phrase I wish there was more time in the day? . .

.. .because the amount of people that say this is incredible.

Let’s say we were to increase the days to a 27 hour day . . .27 hour day

. . . I know for certain a large percentage of the population would not change the way they function on the  ‘I have not got enough time front’ they would undoubtedly make the task fit the day and complain that a new 27 hour day is not long enough too.

We are adaptive beings and if we do not have process we will fly by the seat of our pants and behave like this.

Who are your friends- Distraction or Focus?

I have mentioned before that if you do not have a plan you will find that distraction will be your new friend and the prime goal here, which is focus, will be your enemy.

From the moment you wake up on the day you have tasked yourself to being an achiever you have to lay down your daily law of process which is your plan which will allow you to reach your goal.

Here’s great tip I use.

Set out your goals using your planner or if you do not have one you can download a free one here and then simply set a timer on your phone for the task at hand. . It works like gangbusters!!!

You will actually find yourself under positive pressure and that will push you forward at an amazing rate.

You will get so much done and you will find yourself having more time to play thus creating balance and you will never say again to yourself or anyone those words ‘I wish I had more hours in my day’.

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