It always amazes me how people go through their life with pressure and where some pressure is good as it compels you to do good that same pressure without a process can be hit or miss.

If you could hit hit hit all the time how would that feel to you? home

What would your life be like? Pretty awesome eh!

I always compare this to leaving a place you have visited to find your way home we always just take it for granted that we will find our way home 100% of the time.

We never stop and say “maybe I won’t go home today”. It’s the surest thing in the world and when we are focussed beyond reproach we reach home 100% of the time every time!

But why is it . . . that when we want to do things for ourselves in our home and business life we at the likelihood to always stop before we reach our destination. . . What is that about!!
It always amazes me with people I work with how they never reach home.

So here’s a solution…

I am going to give you some tips on getting home every day.

1. Wake up and do not do anything without a plan

I repeat do not do anything without a plan. . . .Let me say it in another way write down your plan.

Write your plan down the night before or even in the morning before you start anything. After a while you will know what works for you as far as your system is concerned and you will adapt to make your life better moving forward.

On your plan will be something like:-

Shower/wash and or exercise /and or meditate or do something first before you start working or playing.
Use a note pad or pen and paper try to avoid doing this electronically

  • Have the day’s written goals or create them before you begin your day
  • Write the plan and factor in anything that comes to mind no matter how small
  • Work down your list by responding to current and important matters first.

Make sure you have a section of the things you must do on that day no matter what!

2. Important! As you complete your tasks CROSS THEM OUT!

I cannot express the satisfaction you will feel at the end of the day. You will be able to see and feel it and that accomplishment feeling is second to none.

The alternative is that you think you have done a lot but you feel that maybe you have not.

You must do this simple process as it will make a fantastic difference in your daily life and once you get results you will experiencing one of the highly powerful success elements that all the great accomplishers of your all time have had.

Do not know where to start . . . OK here is a simple sheet you can use to start planning.

Download Kardys To Do List Here