Latin & Tribal House Dance Party With Kardy

I cannot believe the amount of people who still do not know what I, Kardy Laguda do on stage.

Basically I have crafted a lifetime of experience in simple, easy to follow fitness dance to reach a place where the goal is to see how many people I can make smile whilst jumping around like a crazeee person!!.

I call this the Kardy Party.

It’s basically this . . .

. . . take simple moves that everybody can do and teach it to them so they can ALL do it.

. . . next add WICKED music, usually from Solid Sound . .  ha ha .  . Thanks Olaf!

. . . next wear a specially prepared outfit that people will never forget.

. . . next smile throughout . .

. . . next ADD LAGUDA MAGIC!! . .

What The Heck Is Laguda Magic?

I do not know what Laguda magic is  . . .someone once told me it exists so I believe it and just turns up when you need it, you get in the zone, in the place where everything works, it’s instinct . . .

Can it be taught?

. . .Well we all have our own power you just need to get in a place to let it show itself on the outside!!! It’s a feeling and nothing is more important than how you feel. Visit the mindset section if you want to go down that path.


Below Is The Latin & Tribal House Kardy Party At Fitness Fiesta.

Play the video and let me know what you think?




If you can . . . watch the faces of the people . . .That Is The Magic! . . Fitness can still be so much fun. Don’t Ever forget that!!

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Until we meet again in person or on-line  . . .PEACE!!!