Benefits of Late Night Carb Eating

One of the most popular nutrition myths surrounding carbohydrates is that eating carbs at night is associated with fat or weight gain. In contrast, another related myth is founded on the belief that eating carbs in the morning allows the body to burn calories during the day. Regardless, none of these is true. They do not reflect the true work of science. In fact, there are numerous benefits linked to eating carbohydrates at night. They contribute to good overall health.

Below are some of the health benefits associated with late night carb consumption.

Weight Managementlate-night-carb-eating

Consuming carbs in the evening could be great for weight management. The body mostly burns carbohydrates for energy and heat. During exercise, the body quickly burns glycogen and carbs to provide itself with the energy it needs to perform physical activity. In this regard, eating clean carbs during the night helps to restore the depleted glycogen level in preparation for the following day.

Even without exercise and physical activity, the body still remains more active when we are awake than at night when we are deep asleep.

Restore your carbohydrate level at night by consuming more carbs and your body will have the glucose it requires to help regulate blood sugar level when asleep. The stored fuel can be depended upon to help burn excessive body fat in preparation for the next day.

Better Mood

Food could have a direct impact on brain neurotransmitters, such as serotonin, which affect moods. This ‘feel good’ neurotransmitter tends to restore calmness and improve mood. At night, elevated serotonin levels provide peaceful sleep, and consuming carbs helps the body to synthesise the brain neurotransmitter.

Improved Sleep

Eating carbs before retiring to bed also helps you to sleep better. Stress hormone cortisol can keep you awake all night. However, going to bed with more carbs in your body can help lower cortisol level. In fact, many people find it difficult to sleep well at night because of elevated cortisol levels. On the bright side, elevated cortisol levels in the morning help you to remain alert and get out of bed. Working or training later at night causes cortisol to flood your system even when you are about to go to bed, keeping you awake for the rest of the night. However, consuming carbs could significantly lower cortisol level because of prolonged release of insulin.

Elevated Energy Levels the Next Morning

People are likely to have more energy by eating high-protein foods for breakfast and reserving high-carb diets for late night. People who depend on high-carb diets before going to be bed reportedly sleep better and wake up feeling more energised than their low-carb counterparts.

What about The Goodness High Carb Diets?

High-carb diets at night have been linked to several benefits, including better sleep, better weight management, and more energy in the morning. However, it is important to eat healthy options like whole grains, brown bread and rice, and sweet potato among others.

Stay away from unhealthy carb options like white bread and rice, fried potato chips, and refined pasta.

However, please do keep in mind that everyone responds different to high-carbohydrate diets.