iCenter Bot Explained

Can You Really Make Passive Income From The Litecoin iCenter Bot?

IMPORTANT: Firstly this is not financial advice only an opinion.!!

This is a review that has been asked for for a few months now and this is liked this because every six hours you get a message saying you have money.

It works on the Telegram chat messenger which is groundbreaking and in the future this app will do so much more so the emphasis on safety is prevalent.

icenter screenshot

You make a deposit from a cryptocurrency exchange such as Coinbase and if you re-invest your balance when it gets to 0.1 Litecoin minimum as in the diagram you can have a compounding effect start which can make significant gains over a relatively small space of time.

Where there are a few bots out there, iCenter is one of the flagship bots in this arena and has proven itself that it’s here for the long haul and they have great customer service to. – Which is so important.

People have kind of figured out that the returns on a small amount can be quite significant over time and you should only get involved with what you are comfortable with and do not really care about.

(again not financial advice)

Where Does The Income Come From? gets income from several different partners in areas of trading and exchange, Crypto Mining, Arbitrage sports betting, HYIPs (high-yield investment program), and Multi-Level Marketing.

Investment diversification via several different partners significantly reduces the potential risk of failure. needs people to help support the whole strategy of giving the opportunity to individuals who are less knowledgeable.

With more people investing with, the company gets to have more partners.

This makes it more stable, and the entire project becomes more secure. There have been several complaints about people investing in certain projects and losing money in the process.

As a result, iCenter has decided to change the game by offering a simple and transparent method that allows you to get constant communication regarding the performance of your business.

How It Works

Before you invest in anything, it is important to know what you are getting yourself into. Do your own due diligence,

If you don’t understand what you are getting involved in please research, research and do more research!!.

You need to be comfortable when you do anything like this and knowledge makes a huge difference than lack of it.

With cryptocurrencies popping up from every corner, investors have an opportunity to put their money in projects they understand. have active investments in several crypto mining options, amongst many other systems, which gives the required leverage with the right level of sustainability.

By taking huge amounts of money and redistributing them through several different projects, the company is able to create a platform that makes it very difficult to fail.

Even if something happens to one or some of the partners, the money invested with the company will keep growing.



The Package

This investment option allows you to have as many investments as you wish. Your whole investment is drip fed back to you over 99 days at 1.4% per day (0.35% every 6 hours).

So quite frankly you get more than you put in . .boom!!!

This keeps the service simple yet sustainable. Ideally, provides a way to earn Litecoin as well as Bitcoin and etherium.

To respond to the growing value of Bitcoin and to reduce fee costs to a level that does not compromise the credibility and performance of projects, resorted to providing investors with the option of depositing their investments in Litecoin using an this iCenter Litecoin Bot.

This Bot could add a few more features that are lacking in iCenter’s current Bot, which has enjoyed some level of success for more than 6 months.

The company’s Litecoin Bot will make the investment vehicle accessible to any person looking to get involved without digging too deep into their pockets.

This would suit virtually anyone, including small, medium, and large-scale.

Overall the company is committed to becoming a preferred investment center.

Wanna get involved- This is How To Do So?

  1. First Install Telegram so download it HERE on to your mobile first and install it.
  2. Click on this link from your mobile phone when you have the app installed
  3. Now you should be on our main page of your BOT, Just press start and choose your language.
  4. You will get a welcome message and you will see buttons on your screen.

icenter buttons

  1. Choose the “DEPOSIT” button and it will provide you with a Litecoin address for you to send your investment. You can do so using Coinbase.
  2. By pressing in “MY TEAM” you get your team statistics and your referral link. (should you desire to recommend anybody- but you DO NOT need to)

Congratulations you are all set to earn Litecoin every 6 hours!!