Hot Black Current Dance Party With Kardy

Another Kardy workout goes ballistic!!

kardy dancing

I love taking people on a journey from “I can never move to music” to “OMG !! Thats the first dance related class I have ever done and I managed to do it all!!!

This has happened with my class for so many years.

I use natural movements .

Movements that 99% of the population can do simple fun and effective

. . . we don’t need:- . . .

. . . complicated choreography.

. . . unrealistic expectations

. . . to see the end product before – it may scare you lol 🙂

. . . to worry as you will never get left behind

. . . I will add the MAGIC!! . .and at the end you will be in the zone with energy like this . Watch the video below!!


Below Is The Hot Black Current Kardy Party At Fitness Fiesta.

“Grease Lightening!!”

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Until we meet again in person or on-line  . . .PEACE!!!