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Without paying attention attention to mindset, nothing else will truly work.


If you choose food that attacks your body without knowing then you need to reset.


This is not difficult it means just moving through your life in certain ways.

When you follow this there will only have ONE outcome – SUCCESS

Unlock Your Full Potential. Say Hello to THE NEW YOU

After many years of testing and measuring many different ways for a fuller life I have found that there are only 3 ways to achieving everything you want. Many do not teach it but they are all linked and my system will link them . .  FOR YOU.

On the rare occasions I do personal one to one coaching . . .

Kardy’s concept to mind food and fitness has changed my life, I am twenty years younger in every way and I mean every way! Steven C

Learn Kardy's 5 Step Morning Process

Discover how to reset your body

Learn how to get a nutrient dense body

See the one thing that is the key to a happy life.

Learn how to feel awesome everyday

Learn how to use juicing to heal your body

Learn To Get What You Want

Most do not know what they want. Learn how to get it.

Improve All Relationships

Nothing is more important than your relationship with you.

Weight Loss Is Simple

Losing weight is simple but so many make it so difficult. Discover the ease.

Take Control Of Your Life

When you have a process you can take complete control of your life.

What Is The Mindset Food & Fitness Program
. . .& Who Is It For?

This is quite simply for anyone who is sick and tired of not getting any results in their life and want a proven process to make a change, the process is do-able and does require you to be ready to take action and getting ready to be ready is actually part of the process. The results that you will get will be amazing. It’s simple and effective.

I am overweight will this work for me?

This will work for anyone if they are ready to make a change. Its about what you think, say and do on the inside that makes the changes on the outside

I want to make a change in my life will this help me?

Absolutely!! Mindset is key to all it sits at the top of the process and when this part is empowered and aligned its energy transfers to all parts of life.

I have been on so many diets, what makes this so special?

This is special because there is no diet involved and you control your whole destiny, and you do that with a proven process which you will utilise but only when YOU are ready.

Is this process hard work?

The process is not hard because it will only work when you are ready and you go at your own pace. Everybody’s life and lifestyle is different so we are at different levels of existence so the one size fits all is not a realistic model. You are in control.

Do I have to exercise?

Fitness can be described in many ways and the power of the mind can actually have a overall effect even to the point where the body actually thinks its being exercised. That withstanding moving around in your life is essential and it does not matter how you accomplish it.


What People Are Saying. . .

“Kardy has literally changed my life.”

My mind was so active I didn’t realise how little time I had for myself. This resulted in me overthinking situations. With Kardy’s guidance on a mindful morning practice that was doable for me I’ve found calm, focus and clarity in my life for the very first time.

Nobody has ever been able to help me achieve this.

Helen Pybus


“I cannot illustrate how much my life has changed . . .”

. . . not that it was bad already but I must say if truth be told it has got even better, I never rest on my laurels and yes I have so much more to achieve in life but thanks to you the direction, path is set ahead for me to see clearly.

I do not say this lightly because I believe I am the most important person on this earth to me.

Kardy, you are truly remarkable

Noel Smith

“Kardy has a unique and remarkable approach to mindset mentoring.”

Every conversation or piece of information will inspire and give you direction onwards and upwards.

He has an infectious energy for success which never fails to lift, motivate and drive you forwards.

Lindsey Peters

How this came about . . .

I am one of the UK’s top fitness professional and in the course of my career I noticed that I was getting better results when I did NOT do just fitness. I found that adding two other components into the mix yielded amazing results.

These additions were mindset and food. It was like a triangle where mindset trumped them all by being on the top, because without that the other elements tended to fall apart at some point.

This is where the mindset food and fitness concept was conceived. There are many elements to this and this and it works on different levels for anyone who gets involved  . and it’s really worth it!!


Discover How To Use Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Juices To Reset Your Body

It has been known for many years that increasing the nutrient density of the human body creates almost miracle like results. May aliments which have been attributed to bad lifestyle choices have been reversed and in some cased totally eliminated.

Juicing fruit and vegetable juices in a certain way can aid in the re-balancing of the body. Many scientific studies have proven this time and time again but as far as common sense is concerned it just makes sense to only put in your body what you are biologically designed to eat.

The juicing protocol with Kardy makes this a reality.

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