Do You Know About Supergreens?

For a moment just look at this list, Is any of this you?

        • “I am knackered” (Tired)
        • “I have constantly got no energy”
        • “I got really bad indigestion”
        • “I try to eat healthy but I don’t have the time”
        • “Quite frankly I don’t know what to eat”
        • “I got spots”
        • “I think I got a bit of a cold coming on”
        • “My nose is always blocked”
        • “My Asthma is playing up”
        • “My Hay fever is playing up”
        • “I really want to get rid of this fat”
        • “I got indigestion”
        • “My joints hurt”
        • “I think I got Arthritis”
        • “That kebab last night gave me a stomach ache”
        • “I got a terrific headache”
        • “I’m bloated” “I look old”
        • “I just had my dinner – I could go asleep now”
        • “Why am I always sick?”
        • “I am fat”
        • “I can’t be arsed”!!! or
        • “I’ve got no motivation”

If you see yourself in any of the above list then you need to take note of this supergreens powder.

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In the western world, we do the opposite of how our bodies were designed to eat. The human body is at its best when it maintains a slightly alkaline pH — in other words, a pH that’s between 7.0 – 7.25. (The pH scale goes from 0-14, where 0 is very acidic and 14 is very alkaline.) We have to achieve the magic PH balance by eating the right foods and try to stay around the 7 mark.

To be be more alkaline we have to eat more alkalizing foods. Many of the top dietry experts recommend -  66% alkali to 33% acid. What is a shame is that the majority of people do the opposite. That’s why a supergreens product like pHion Green is so essential.

Its now very easy to be green in fact with these supergreens its a breeze! In a ideal world it would be great to eat in the correct acid to alkali proportions but the truth is pHion Green takes the guesswork out of eating greens and alkali. It contains 40 different ingredients — including alkalizing organic grass juices, alkalizing veggies, alkalizing sprouts, and alkalizing low sugar fruits. It is designed to fill in the gaps in your diet.  One teaspoon taken with water is equivalent to 1pound of vegetables.

So in a nutshell, in 30 seconds you can get all your greens for the entire day. Go ahead try it! I did and the benefits were incredible! . ..Kardy Laguda

Click Here Now To Get Your Green Superfood

Concentrated Juice Formula, 40 Alkaline Grasses, Fruits and Veggies.

  • Super alkalizing
  • Contains 40 alkalizing ingredients
  • Includes grasses, veggies & sprouts
  • Super concentrated in a 20:1 ratio.
  • Contains Alkazyme™ to increase bioavailability
  • Delicious natural flavor
  • Economical 1 Lb. size

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