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Individuals had been asking Kardy for a very long time. What is it you if truth be told do? So, as the web has been coming more person friendly it is getting more straightforward to share moments just like the video under.

I hope you revel in it!



 Posted on : September 26, 2011

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  1. KARDY KARDY KARDY!! We missed you BIG TIME in Hemsby this month! Girls above are spot on, you are the highlight of the weekend & you rock! Please let us know if you will be in Hemsby in September & Camber in October???? Bev 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 xx

  2. Lou ( from thetford!) says :

    Hey Kardy,
    Sorry to have missed you at Hemsby.. i heard you rocked as ever!! Love the footage.. My friends came to your classes.(They are in the front row). catch you at the next one..
    😉 xxx big love Lou xxx

  3. kardy you are the best , so talented and so much fun cant wait for camber,,,, you had better be there, you are the highlight of the weekend xx

    1. Awww , , thanks Catherine, I will be there . . Come and say Hi X

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