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Kardys Painful Story Part 2

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So what is the big answer then . . .

ACID – ALKALI BALANCE – What is it you may ask yourself.

It’s quite simple; in fact it is as simple as you are what you eat!

We feel that we are at the mercy of the food companies and what we eat has to come from the local store wrapped up in fancy packaging and we never really take into consideration that what we are eating is actually not geared nutritionally to be the best for us, if we are to be eating like that for days weeks, months and years.

When something happens in relation to our health, it is then we do something about it and our education tells us that we have to get medication to heal our self. Don’t get me wrong doctors and medication have role to play in the healing of the human body, but what if we did not have to put our self in that arena that requires constant medication. This is the age old question in this modern western world – Are we treating the symptom or the cause.

Our modern western Diet is comprised of 80% acidifying foods to 20% alkalising foods (remember- you did this at school, the pH scale,1 being acid and 14 being alkali and 7 being neutral)

pH Scale

1234567= HEALTHY




Research has proven that our body is trying to consistently get to around pH 7.35 so when we eat acidifying foods and we are below pH 7, our body, being the marvellous machine that it is it will do everything it can to balance, using alkaline minerals in the body and if they are not present it sometimes does it at the risk of other parts of the anatomy.

Symptons and dis-ease in our body occurs when the body is to acid or too alkaline

Balance is the key to everything in life and this we are seeing on a global scale as we speak, quite simply if we do not put back what we have taken out there will inevitably be drastic consequences but even on this massive scale we still do not listen.

If you were to test yourself now the majority of people in the western world would be have an acidic body and more research has shown that disease (or dis-ease) thrives in these conditions.

This could be because the body has to work harder to get to its optimum pH or that the body is infested with so many toxins that there is an internal war going on.

What do you have to do to have a better healthier, productive lifestyle then you may ask yourself?? A big recommendation is to ALKALISE.



The question is if you knew how to stop yourself from suffering from all the ailments mentioned previously would you do it?

How much emphasis would you put on your health?  e.g.You are educated enough to know that you should not put diesel in a petrol engine but yet generally we are inclined to eat products that when we look at the ingredients we don’t even know how to say the name of some of the contents.

If you change to this way of thinking you would instantly see what a difference would have been made to how you feel within a short period of time.



A large part of this way of eating is having to exercise or move every day. When you really think about it the human body is designed to be able to move.

If we were designed to sit in a chair all day our anatomy would be somewhat similar to . . . a chair?

Our elbows and knees bend for a reason, our muscles move the way they do for a reason and the lymphatic drainage system which is naturally in place to help remove the waste products can only do so if we  . . . wait for it. . yeah you guessed it MOVE!!

Doing cardiovascular exercise is recommended while alkalising, even if it is 10 minutes a day so even a brisk walk to the shops or park would put your body in a position of strength.

. . . And . . . . when we exercise we actually have to do more breathing and this extra intake of oxygen  which  helps too.



Before we get to how you start you have to address the following:-

  • Why are you doing this?
  • Is it to get more energy?
  • Do you want to have more energy to do the things you always did years ago but now find it hard?
  • Is your immune system compromised E.g. Do you suffer from multiple colds & viruses
  • Do you want to get to your ideal weight?
  • Do you just want the knowledge of how to eat healthily for you and your family?
  • Do you need a change in lifestyle?

Your goal has to be defined you need to be clear on what you want to achieve.

Many a time I have heard the saying “ Two teams playing football on a wonderful pitch it’s green with white lines, a 50,000 seater stadium, great changing rooms, luxury seating for the fans, state of the art electronic display system. . . Who is going to win? The answer is no – one . . . there are no goals!!!

If you are going to do this you have to be serious. You have to know what you want to achieve so write it down and use dates.

If you are an archer where would you point your bow if you did not have a target


Be realistic about these goals and back it up with action because ACTION CURES FEAR.

There is no point doing it for 5 minutes and when it gets a little challenging you go back to your old ways.  Stick with it. . See yourself at your ideal weight doing the great things that you can do as result of the health that you always wanted.


 . . . .See you in part 3 to know how to set your goal



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