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Kardys Painful Story Part 1

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My Painful Story!kardy-laguda-on-stage

I was one of the UK’s top fitness instructors, I had been all over the world teaching at the best fitness conventions and in the beginning I was motivated, energised and excited at the prospect that I was flying all over the world and somebody else was paying for it.


Then something changed, and one day I found myself developing a slight back pain and for no reason what so ever but I just put it down to my workload. I had no idea what was going to develop due to what I was doing.

I continued working and the pain got worse and I just continued working but I did go to numerous physiotherapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists and other specialists some too incredible to mention, looking for the one thing that would give me pain relief.
The amazing thing about my pain was that I was living with it and managing it.  I had developed a very effective pain management system involving a cycle of visits to the Osteopath, pain killers and massage, don’t get me wrong!! This was not a bad thing it was just not addressing the true cause behind what was really going on.

This continued . . . and continued until the point where I was seeing a pattern in the increase of pain it was this – in the run up to a big show and presentation the amount of pain increased in proportion to the workload and stress involved in the event, could this be stress related I wonder!!??

For about 2 years I managed to live like this and was always crippled at the event only to have a respite 2-3 days after.
Then one day the inevitable happened. 2 days before the convention my body decided to stop me from doing everything.

I had ignored the signs for too long and now I went into total shut down.

I will never forget it, standing in front of group of ladies then sitting down on the bench in the front of the class and not being able to get up again.
Consequently I was carried to my car and I managed to drive home. What happened next will stay with me for the rest of my life.
I went to bed that night and when I went to get up the next morning I could not stand up the pain was crippling and excruciating! I could not put pressure on my feet.
From that point on I was in that same place for 17 days. I am sure my beautiful and beloved partner Andrea secretly thought that I was never going to walk again.
After about three weeks I began to painfully move around and began contemplating going back to teach.
While I was immobile I began to look into improving my body through many different systems and bought numerous books on Yoga, Alexander Technique, stretching and postural correction.

 I believed that I had the answer to my six years of pain within me but I was frustrated that I had not found it yet.


Amongst my back pain I was constantly plagued with illness, I had sinusitis twice in the same year, numerous colds and even caught one in the height of my back pain. . And sneezing  . . . WAS NOT FUNNY!

So I started to look at ways to improve my immune system as all these ailments and the lack of healing was a big sign.
A good friend of mine, Terry, went on a seminar and was opened to a different way of eating and I had heard of this but thought it was another fad that would just come and go.

Now, Terry was a dance teacher and was told the year previous that his hip was wearing away and that he would have to have an operation to replace it he, like me, was in constant pain.
Terry was all set to go ahead and have the surgery but circumstances came into effect which delayed the commencement. . . “Thank God”! Terry now says. “I can’t believe that I was going to do that I am now in less pain than ever and I do believe that my body will heal itself in a very short space of time”.
I was intrigued and thought if it is working for Terry then what would be the result for my back pain of 6 years. My next sentence was this  . . . . .

So I became like the little Robot I the 1980’s film Short Circuit – INPUT INPUT!!
A vast amount of people were waiting for my recovery within the fitness industry and when they next saw me and asked me how I was I went into automatic and explained what was a miraculous transformation from tired, sick, painful and unmotivated to energised, healthy and highly motivated in fact, I felt like I did when I first started in fitness. .it was incredible.
After explaining this to several individuals I realised that they were all doing what I did before I found this and the main thing that everybody was saying was they were tired.
So this information was born and geared with the fitness professional in mind I will guarantee that if you do what I have done your life will turn around and all the negativity and ailments that you are experiencing will be a thing of the past.
Please note that if you are going to change something that is health related you should seek advice from your General Practitioner or Nutritional or Health Advisor.
What is this secret you are probably asking yourself?

. . . .See you in part 2 for the answer

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