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Kardys Painful Story Part 1

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My Painful Story!kardy-laguda-on-stage

I was one of the UK’s top fitness instructors, I had been all over the world teaching at the best fitness conventions and in the beginning I was motivated, energised and excited at the prospect that I was flying all over the world and somebody else was paying for it.


Then something changed, and one day I found myself developing a slight back pain and for no reason what so ever but I just put it down to my workload. I had no idea what was going to develop due to what I was doing.

I continued working and the pain got worse and I just continued working but I did go to numerous physiotherapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists and other specialists some too incredible to mention, looking for the one thing that would give me pain relief.
The amazing thing about my pain was that I was living with it and managing it.  I had developed a very effective pain management system involving a cycle of visits to the Osteopath, pain killers and massage, don’t get me wrong!! This was not a bad thing it was just not addressing the true cause behind what was really going on.

This continued . . . and continued until the point where I was seeing a pattern in the increase of pain it was this – in the run up to a big show and presentation the amount of pain increased in proportion to the workload and stress involved in the event, could this be stress related I wonder!!??

For about 2 years I managed to live like this and was always crippled at the event only to have a respite 2-3 days after.
Then one day the inevitable happened. 2 days before the convention my body decided to stop me from doing everything.

I had ignored the signs for too long and now I went into total shut down.

I will never forget it, standing in front of group of ladies then sitting down on the bench in the front of the class and not being able to get up again.
Consequently I was carried to my car and I managed to drive home. What happened next will stay with me for the rest of my life.
I went to bed that night and when I went to get up the next morning I could not stand up the pain was crippling and excruciating! I could not put pressure on my feet.
From that point on I was in that same place for 17 days. I am sure my beautiful and beloved partner Andrea secretly thought that I was never going to walk again.
After about three weeks I began to painfully move around and began contemplating going back to teach.
While I was immobile I began to look into improving my body through many different systems and bought numerous books on Yoga, Alexander Technique, stretching and postural correction.

 I believed that I had the answer to my six years of pain within me but I was frustrated that I had not found it yet.


Amongst my back pain I was constantly plagued with illness, I had sinusitis twice in the same year, numerous colds and even caught one in the height of my back pain. . And sneezing  . . . WAS NOT FUNNY!

So I started to look at ways to improve my immune system as all these ailments and the lack of healing was a big sign.
A good friend of mine, Terry, went on a seminar and was opened to a different way of eating and I had heard of this but thought it was another fad that would just come and go.

Now, Terry was a dance teacher and was told the year previous that his hip was wearing away and that he would have to have an operation to replace it he, like me, was in constant pain.
Terry was all set to go ahead and have the surgery but circumstances came into effect which delayed the commencement. . . “Thank God”! Terry now says. “I can’t believe that I was going to do that I am now in less pain than ever and I do believe that my body will heal itself in a very short space of time”.
I was intrigued and thought if it is working for Terry then what would be the result for my back pain of 6 years. My next sentence was this  . . . . .

So I became like the little Robot I the 1980’s film Short Circuit – INPUT INPUT!!
A vast amount of people were waiting for my recovery within the fitness industry and when they next saw me and asked me how I was I went into automatic and explained what was a miraculous transformation from tired, sick, painful and unmotivated to energised, healthy and highly motivated in fact, I felt like I did when I first started in fitness. .it was incredible.
After explaining this to several individuals I realised that they were all doing what I did before I found this and the main thing that everybody was saying was they were tired.
So this information was born and geared with the fitness professional in mind I will guarantee that if you do what I have done your life will turn around and all the negativity and ailments that you are experiencing will be a thing of the past.
Please note that if you are going to change something that is health related you should seek advice from your General Practitioner or Nutritional or Health Advisor.
What is this secret you are probably asking yourself?

. . . .See you in part 2 for the answer

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Kardys Painful Story Part 2

BY: Kardy / 0 COMMENTS / CATEGORIES: Blog, Fitness Dance

So what is the big answer then . . .

ACID – ALKALI BALANCE – What is it you may ask yourself.

It’s quite simple; in fact it is as simple as you are what you eat!

We feel that we are at the mercy of the food companies and what we eat has to come from the local store wrapped up in fancy packaging and we never really take into consideration that what we are eating is actually not geared nutritionally to be the best for us, if we are to be eating like that for days weeks, months and years.

When something happens in relation to our health, it is then we do something about it and our education tells us that we have to get medication to heal our self. Don’t get me wrong doctors and medication have role to play in the healing of the human body, but what if we did not have to put our self in that arena that requires constant medication. This is the age old question in this modern western world – Are we treating the symptom or the cause.

Our modern western Diet is comprised of 80% acidifying foods to 20% alkalising foods (remember- you did this at school, the pH scale,1 being acid and 14 being alkali and 7 being neutral)

pH Scale

1234567= HEALTHY




Research has proven that our body is trying to consistently get to around pH 7.35 so when we eat acidifying foods and we are below pH 7, our body, being the marvellous machine that it is it will do everything it can to balance, using alkaline minerals in the body and if they are not present it sometimes does it at the risk of other parts of the anatomy.

Symptons and dis-ease in our body occurs when the body is to acid or too alkaline

Balance is the key to everything in life and this we are seeing on a global scale as we speak, quite simply if we do not put back what we have taken out there will inevitably be drastic consequences but even on this massive scale we still do not listen.

If you were to test yourself now the majority of people in the western world would be have an acidic body and more research has shown that disease (or dis-ease) thrives in these conditions.

This could be because the body has to work harder to get to its optimum pH or that the body is infested with so many toxins that there is an internal war going on.

What do you have to do to have a better healthier, productive lifestyle then you may ask yourself?? A big recommendation is to ALKALISE.



The question is if you knew how to stop yourself from suffering from all the ailments mentioned previously would you do it?

How much emphasis would you put on your health?  e.g.You are educated enough to know that you should not put diesel in a petrol engine but yet generally we are inclined to eat products that when we look at the ingredients we don’t even know how to say the name of some of the contents.

If you change to this way of thinking you would instantly see what a difference would have been made to how you feel within a short period of time.



A large part of this way of eating is having to exercise or move every day. When you really think about it the human body is designed to be able to move.

If we were designed to sit in a chair all day our anatomy would be somewhat similar to . . . a chair?

Our elbows and knees bend for a reason, our muscles move the way they do for a reason and the lymphatic drainage system which is naturally in place to help remove the waste products can only do so if we  . . . wait for it. . yeah you guessed it MOVE!!

Doing cardiovascular exercise is recommended while alkalising, even if it is 10 minutes a day so even a brisk walk to the shops or park would put your body in a position of strength.

. . . And . . . . when we exercise we actually have to do more breathing and this extra intake of oxygen  which  helps too.



Before we get to how you start you have to address the following:-

  • Why are you doing this?
  • Is it to get more energy?
  • Do you want to have more energy to do the things you always did years ago but now find it hard?
  • Is your immune system compromised E.g. Do you suffer from multiple colds & viruses
  • Do you want to get to your ideal weight?
  • Do you just want the knowledge of how to eat healthily for you and your family?
  • Do you need a change in lifestyle?

Your goal has to be defined you need to be clear on what you want to achieve.

Many a time I have heard the saying “ Two teams playing football on a wonderful pitch it’s green with white lines, a 50,000 seater stadium, great changing rooms, luxury seating for the fans, state of the art electronic display system. . . Who is going to win? The answer is no – one . . . there are no goals!!!

If you are going to do this you have to be serious. You have to know what you want to achieve so write it down and use dates.

If you are an archer where would you point your bow if you did not have a target


Be realistic about these goals and back it up with action because ACTION CURES FEAR.

There is no point doing it for 5 minutes and when it gets a little challenging you go back to your old ways.  Stick with it. . See yourself at your ideal weight doing the great things that you can do as result of the health that you always wanted.


 . . . .See you in part 3 to know how to set your goal



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Kardys Painful Story Part 3

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Let’s plan and set some goals . . . Answer the following and (important) write them down.




















It is actually quite simple to set your goal for what you want to achieve. Write it down! You need to be able to see it the sheet thin this part can be printed over again and as your goals are realised you can change them.


Oh yeah but! But! But! . . .



Excuses excuses  . . .are you going to be one of these guys, I am too busy. I don’t have the money, I like my food too much, and I don’t have the time.

Stop these excuses and get on with it. Do not lose sight of your goal.

The next 30 days are going to be life changing if you follow the simple principals of Alkalising. Far too much emphasis is put on way we cannot do things in our society so let’s turn that around.

Simple preparation can go far to achieving your goals and beyond. So let’s keep it simple. If you are one step ahead you will never fail as you can see what is coming.

We will put you in a position of being one step ahead so you will know what you have to have and where you can source the ingredients and information.

Rest assured you will have the knowledge to be able to know what alkalises you and what does not.


Everybody is different so results will be different, these can range from just an abundance of energy or increased concentration to massive weight loss as your body positions itself to work the way nature intended it to.

I must refer to Terry the Salsa teacher again his results were incredible as the pain he had in his hip is almost non-existent (hip replacement . . . yeah right!!) When asked about his energy levels he just kept saying “I feel great and I don’t think I will ever go back to eating the way I did before this, my productivity and standard of work has doubled quite frankly I get more done and I only get tired when I need to sleep at night. . . I feel great!


Research has shown that anyone can do this but if you have never eaten this way or you have health issues you must consult a nutritional therapist or doctor.

See you in part 4  to know what you should be eating and drinking

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Kardys Painful Story Part 4

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The following table outlines some food that is acid or alkali in nature



Brussel Sprouts

Sea Veggies

Collard Greens


Mustard Greens
Edible Flowers



Chili Pepper
Sea Salt
All Herbs



Flax Seeds
Pumpkin Seeds
Squash Seeds
Sunflower Seeds
Sprouted Seeds


Bee Pollen
Lecithin Granules
Green Juices
Veggies Juices
Fresh Fruit Juice
Mineral Water
Alkaline Antioxidant Water
Green Tea
Herbal Tea

Barley Grass

Wheat Grass

Kombucha Dandelion Tea Ginseng Tea
Banchi Tea

Dandelion Root









Avocado Oil
Canola Oil
Corn Oil
Safflower Oil
Sesame Oil
Sunflower Oil

Rice Cakes

Hemp Seed Flour
Wheat Cakes
Oats (rolled)
Rice (all)

Cheese, Cow
Cheese, Goat
Cheese, Processed
Cheese, Sheep

Peanut Butter



Black Beans
Green Peas
Kidney Beans
Lima Beans
Pinto Beans
Red Beans
Soy Beans
White Beans


Hard Liquor


Distilled Vinegar
Wheat Germ




Most fruits are to be avoided but can be introduced on occasion when you have passed the body’s survival mode stage however the fruits that you can have on your journey to great health are fresh lemons, limes and grapefruits.

Ah Ha!! You are probably thinking, but aren’t lemons and limes acidic. Yes! They are indeed but after they are consumed they become alkaline and contain oxygen which, of course is good for the body.

Use your fresh lime/lemon water like this:-

  • ·         Anytime during the day
  • ·         Not 30 minutes before a meal
  • ·         Not for 10 minutes after you have finished eating
  • ·         After digestion


  • ·         Avoid sugar.
  • ·         Mushrooms
  • ·         Processed Foods
  • ·         Simple carbohydrates
  • ·         Most fruits. . .Here we go!!
  • ·         Dairy
  • ·         Meat Ready Steady Go. . .
  • ·         Saturated Fats
  • ·         Stored Grains
  • ·         Yeast

 Combining Foods

Avoid eating a concentrated protein and a concentrated carbohydrate at the same meal.

Eg mixing nuts, meat, eggs, cheese, or other protein foods in the same meal with bread, cereals, potatoes, pasta, sweet fruits or cakes.

Slows down the production of gastric juices which aid digestion.

Avoid eating two concentrated proteins at the same meal.

Eg Avoid nuts and meat, or eggs and meat, cheese and nuts, cheese and eggs, meat and milk, or eggs and milk or nuts at milk at the same meal.

Milk, if taken at all, is best taken alone.. If you going to have an alkali based diet , then most of these foods should be avoided anyway

Do not eat fats with proteins.

This means do not use cream, butter, oil, etc with meat, eggs, cheese, nuts, etc. Fat depresses the action of the gastric glands by delaying the development of appetite juices and inhibiting the pouring out of the proper gastric juices for meats, nuts, eggs or other protein. Fats may lower the entire gastric tone more than fifty per cent.

Do not eat acid fruits with proteins. Eg, oranges, tomatoes, lemons, pineapples, etc., should not be eaten with meat, eggs, cheese or nuts. Acid fruits seriously hamper protein digestion and results in putrefaction. Milk and orange juice, while by no means an indigestible combination, is far from a good combination. Orange juice and eggs form an even worse combination.

Do not eat starch and sugars together. Jellies, jams, fruit, butter, sugar, honey, syrups, molasses, etc., on bread, cake, or at the same meal with cereals, potatoes, etc., or sugar with cereal, will produce fermentation. The practice of eating starches that have been disguised by sweets is also a bad way to eat carbohydrates. If sugar is taken into the mouth it quickly fills with saliva but no ptyalin is present which we know is essential for starch digestion.

Eat one concentrated starch food at a meal. This rule is more important as a means of overeating than as a means of avoiding a bad combination. While overeating of starches may lead to fermentation, there is no certainty that the combination of two starches will do so.

Do not eat melons with any other foods. Watermelon, muskmelon, honeydew melon, cantaloupe and other melons should always be eaten alone. This is possibly due to the ease and speed in which melons decompose.

Milk is best left alone.

Milk is the natural food of the mammalian young, each species producing milk peculiarly and precisely adapted to the needs of its young. It is the rule that the young take the milk alone, not in combination with other foods. Milk does not digest in the stomach, but in the duodenum, hence in the presence of milk in the stomach does not respond with its secretion. The use of acid fruits with milk does not cause any trouble and apparently does not conflict with its digestion.

Oh My God So Much To Take In !!!!

Be patient and Go to part 5 . . .No  More Pain

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My Painful Story- Part 5-No More Pain

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The most amazing thing I discovered was that you have the power to get yourself out of where you do not want to be and propel yourself to where you want to be.

You have the power!

Right now!!!

Go to the tap fill up your water bottle or glasses make sure you have a fresh lime or lemon (not cordial). Add it to the water and drink.

The journey has begun. You should try to consume between 2 and 4 litres of water per day but more on this later.

If you find you do not like the taste of water or you find it hard to drink PERSEVERE as research has shown in some cases that an acidifying body makes the taste of water challenging . . . THIS WILL PASS.

This will start the De-Acidification process.

Avoid Sugar Please. I know its hard as I have a sweet tooth too!

I have discovered so many brilliant ways of being healthy some are cheats and some require discipline but all in all they are designed to make you feel great!

If you want any more information on this then I suggest you contact me and I will tell you where you can get more free and paid information on this subject.

What you eat dictates every aspect of your life . .REMEMBER THAT!
To your success!!!

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